ATLAS Product Suite

The ATLAS system has been designed to meet and exceed your
current expectations and to provide a platform for the future.


ProductsOur products apply to significant areas of the forestry value chain, enhancing the management information available to provide value-added decision support.

Operating within Microsoft Windows, ATLAS products are easy and intuitive to use. ATLAS software runs as an extension to other essential industry software, not just as an independent application. The standard architecture makes it the perfect basis for future enhancements and extensions.

ATLAS technology is developing a suite of software tools for use at every step along the forestry value chain. The tools are provided as modules that enable information from one application to be accessed or presented within another. The suite is built around Microsoft .Net and Component Object Model (COM) architecture. This enables the modules to be integrated with GIS, MS Office products and other Microsoft Windows applications and financial segments via Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Some ATLAS modules are designed to be either used in conjunction with the ATLAS suite or as stand alone products. Modules that can be used independently of the ATLAS suite include:

  • PSP which is used to collect permanent sample plot data.
  • Forecaster which is used to simulate stand growth and quality for forest planning, silvicultural scheduling and regime analysis.
  • Cruiser which is used to forecast yields using forest inventory assessments.

For more information please see the ATLAS Team and the ATLAS Products brochures.


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